Come and Get Wyoming


The ShyWy ARC in Cheyenne WY is once again hosting the W7Y Special Event call.  The event will run from Oct 7th through the 18th.  Because we had more time to plan this year, we expect more grids than just DN71 so if you need WY or some of those other grids, check us out.
I will be working PSK as much as possible but for those days that are lighter with PSK traffic I might be on some other modes.  However, if you don't see me on the scheduler, shoot me a note and I can schedule something.
There is more information on the W7Y QRZ page and here is a link to the event website:

I only had 100 PSK QSOs last year and I would like to really improve on that.  Come and get Wyoming.

Bill  N7RI

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