N9JCA Chris

For those of you that contacted me and got a Confirmation from LOTW

while I was doing my APE/POTA Activation, you will have to MANUALLY

Change my Grid from EM68fb to EM68ab in your Logger (Just for this QSO)

Chris N9JCA


On 8/30/21 2:57 PM, N9JCA Chris wrote:
Got Home from APE/POTA Activation at 6AM
Logs have all ready been uploaded to LOTW & POTA
POTA Logs ( I have read ) could take up to a month
before we get Credits to our POTA Accounts
I made 105 Contacts in 7 Days of which 55 were PODXS
Once again Thank You for your Support in the Activation
I'll be doing an APE Tall Tale sometime this week
Chris N9JCA  PODXS #797  LONP #165

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