Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint – Tomorrow!

stan W9SMR

The Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint is TOMORROW

20:00 UTC September 4th – 19:59 UTC September 5th 2021 

Sprint Rules - your choice of any 6 hour block.  Open to all licensed radio amateurs.

For Rules and details, RULES - Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint

Jay Hudak – KA3X was one of the founders of the 070 Club (070 #001).  He became a SK in August of 2008. The 070 Club has renamed its annual fall 80M contest in Jay’s honor, the Jay Hudak Memorial 80m Sprint.

Frequencies: - 3.580 MHz Dial freq.

4 Power Categories:

< 5 W
< 25 W
< 50 W
< 100 W

Exchange: Callsign and State/Province/Country (SPC)  eg: “W9SMR  IN”

Call: “CQ 80M Sprint”

All entry logs must be received within 1 week after the event ends.

Good luck!!  Participation is the key!!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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