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Bob Motyl KK6KMU

I'm trying out AC Log and have a few questions.  I'm using it with FLDIGI, and when I click on a call sign in the receive window it puts it into the FLDIGI call sign field like it is supposed to do.

1.  Why does it take so long to populate the AC Log fields.  About 3 seconds or more?
2.  Why does the call sign field in FLDIGI then go blank.  Is this a setting or is this normal?
3.  Is the only way to export PSK31 contacts only by sorting on mode and then export from record say 2000 thru 3000 which are the PSK31 QSO's?  How does everyone else export their PSK31 QSOs only.

I have been using DX Keeper and it has custom sorting features.  Any such feature in AC Log.  I will have more questions.
Bob  KK6KMU  #2484

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