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JoAnn Donaldson

With help from my wonderful daughter who is an Excel Wizard, I now have my Excel LONP form populated with Macros. These macros allow me to
1. Update Sheet two from the Club CSV File
2. After entering the Call, Date, and Time of the contact, will then scan Sheet 2 for that call and if it has an 070 will populate the 070# column.
3. A button that then creates a new excel sheet that has this information but WITHOUt ANY of the macros. This for sending to you.


On Sunday, August 29, 2021, 05:20:09 PM CDT, Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:

JoAnn, I have followed this thread, and am having a very difficult time understanding that out of over 2860 members, you are the only one that has any problem with complying with the special instructions that have been applied to our awards program due to software issues that are beyond our control.

Every member of the advisory council, every person that does any activities for the club are volunteers!  Many have full time jobs, families, and other obligations that demand their time.  I am totally aware of the hours it takes to verify all LONP and other endorsement submissions.  You have only one log/spreadsheet to maintain, the endorsement checkers have hundreds. 

I see by your QRZ page that you were USAF, and being an officer were used to every little detail being performed for you by junior personnel.  It doesn't work that way with a volunteer organization.

Each and every one of us deplores the methodologies that we have had to implement due to one individual refusing to allow access to the source code, refuses to share his source code (even though his endorsement page says he is willing to do so).  It is not the club, or any members fault that Google decided to deprecate their API code, and caused existing software to no long work as advertised.  We have one repeat one software developer, and he has a full time job, has a family, and is pursuing his master's degree.  Very little time is left in his daily schedule for doing our club software.  ALL the software has had to be built from the ground up, this takes a lot of time to ensure that all possible endorsments are check and accounted for.  Then there is extensive testing involved to ensure that it works properly, that most bugs are detected and fixed, and that some user entering incorrect data does not make the program crash.

You can help.  If you know how to write code, volunteer.  If you know how to write a macro for Excel, volunteer.  If you know of anything you can do to help, volunteer.   But above all do not complain about the methodologies that members dedicated to seeing the best PSK club in the world have put in place to allow the existence of the club to continue.  We could have thrown our hands up in despair when the software broke and let the club disappear.  But, some of us volunteers spend hours of time trying to insure that the membership remains intact, that the endorsements/awards continue, and that members have a means, however archaic, of submitting applications.

A little FYI, the software developer has spent hours just accomplishing the task of writing programs that score our contests,  count the contests, and you will see how many individual programs that required (because each contest is different), and the hours he spend on them.  This development caused the LONP and endorsement checking program development to take a back seat.

Instead of complaining about the issues, make some contributions to the development.  Ideally we would have everything in a database, and would only have to write query scripts to present the data.  However, there are no database managers that have stepped up and volunteered to assume that project.  We do not have funds to "hire" a 3rd party developer, and have yet to find want that wants to do pro bono work.

Jim K5SP
Executive Director   (retired US Navy Chief Radioman)

On 8/29/2021 11:46 AM, JoAnn Donaldson via wrote:
I have decided that amount of effort that I have go thru is not worth the rewards. Your system would have handled all of it but it can no longer do what it was programmed to do. If your going to do this with a Spreadsheet, then you need to find someone that can write macros for you that will search the member CSV file and compare that to the Spreadsheet that the user submits. Having the user do all this work can be more than some Hams can do. Not everyone is a Spreadsheet guru.
   So thanks for the effort and keep up the good work. I am sure you have more than enough Hams that already are submitting contacts for their LONG Number.  


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OK  I now have my log corrected, so how do Find the 070 numbers for the calls. Is there a page on the website that shows calls and their 070  number.


On Friday, August 27, 2021, 01:40:09 PM CDT, John - KC3FL via <kc3fl@...> wrote:


Try this ADIF to CSV tool.


Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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