Re: 80 mtr Sprint Dupes

Jim K5SP

Very good advice John.  All members should operate as much as possible, giving those in later time zones an opportunity to get people in the log.   With our checker, only the contacts within the six hour period the operator chooses count, all outside that six hour window are discarded, BUT they do count for someone who keeps trying and makes contacts within their six hour window.

Jim K5SP

On 8/31/2021 1:08 PM, John - KC3FL via wrote:

Since you don't know what six hour block a station is going to use, don't be too quick to tell a station they are a DUPE, they might be using a different block than the one they connected with you previously.  It is probably quicker to just complete the contact than explaining they are a DUPE plus the checker throws DUPES out.  Have fun, will be nice to see traces on 80.


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