Re: 070 Numbers

Jim K5SP

JoAnn, should your daughter develop the macro that works, thank her profusely for her time. 

I am asking that you reconsider your statement yesterday as to not sharing with the membership, as any excel file would be utilized by many of the members. 

Stan is correct with the link to the member files.  I apologize for not providing that yesterday.

Jim K5SP

On 8/30/2021 1:38 PM, JoAnn Donaldson via wrote:
I have search the 070 website for a list that shows all the members and their 070 numbers. I did on another site fine a list but it stops at 2676. So this site is not up to date. the LONP CSV file only shows LONP numbers so that will not work for me. So is there a CSV file that is up to date  or close to up to date and shows members call signs and 070 number. My daughter needs this to create a database file that will reside on Sheet 2 of the Excel file. She said that as New members are announced with their 070 number that I will be able to update the database file on sheet 2 hopefully. Not really good at excel but she is a wizard.


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