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Jay -

Actually, the ARRL DXCC list is not the best list for ALL prefixes. Its purpose
is simply to define the entities. For example, you won't find the EM prefix
(used by Ukraine, primarily for Antarctica), the ZX prefix (Brazil, mostly
special event I think), the 3E (Panama), CQ (Portugal), TM (France), 7J-7N
(Japan), and probably many others.You won't even find the very common
VA for Canada. Under the ARRL list, only BY and BT are listed for "China"
(PRC), and we all know that there are other prefixes. (BA and BD come to

A more complete list of prefixes is found in the ARRL Operating Manual. But
my copy (vintage 1996) simply says "China" for BAA-BZZ. So other sources
must be used to segregate the two political entities.

   Yep, looks like you are right Steve. According to the Chinese Taipei ARL website < > the Taiwan prefixes are B plus M, N, O, P, Q, U, V, W,  or X. So poo on the ARRL DXCC list! Jay.

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