Re: PODXS LONP greater than 2786

JoAnn Donaldson

I have decided that amount of effort that I have go thru is not worth the rewards. Your system would have handled all of it but it can no longer do what it was programmed to do. If your going to do this with a Spreadsheet, then you need to find someone that can write macros for you that will search the member CSV file and compare that to the Spreadsheet that the user submits. Having the user do all this work can be more than some Hams can do. Not everyone is a Spreadsheet guru.
   So thanks for the effort and keep up the good work. I am sure you have more than enough Hams that already are submitting contacts for their LONG Number.  


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OK  I now have my log corrected, so how do Find the 070 numbers for the calls. Is there a page on the website that shows calls and their 070  number.


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Try this ADIF to CSV tool.


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