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JoAnn Donaldson

   I think I still have it. Just in case can you send me another. Also do you happen to have a way to convert an ADIF to a CSV? I will also look on the Web and see if there is one out there.


On Thursday, August 26, 2021, 09:22:51 PM CDT, N6MG - Milt. via <n6mg@...> wrote:

Back in early July, I responded to your original LONP submittal with your own Excel spreadsheet.
All you have to do is copy & paste to it, or just fill in the blanks.
Because your 070 # is above 070-2786, all of your contacts for LONP are submitted to me.
If you need that original custom made spreadsheet, I can send it also.
I look forward to your submissions!
LONP #76

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I would like a copy too.


On Thursday, August 26, 2021, 06:56:56 PM CDT, Bob Motyl KK6KMU <bobmotyl@...> wrote:


I created a dot csv file with call sign, PODXS member number and membership date for members greater than 2786.  I use this to track my LONP greater than 2786.  I can upload it if anyone is interested.

Bob  KK6KMU  #2484

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