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Jerry N9AVY


Hope you're okay and on the road to recovery.  APE may be fun , but not at the expense of one's health.

SW Indiana is a somewhat familar place. Much of my Dad's family is from Sullivan, Shelburn and Terre Haute area.  Still have property down there, but haven't set foot upon it in like 60 years. 

73 Chris, stay healthy !

Jerry  n9avy 

On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 08:14:07 PM CDT, N9JCA Chris <n9jca.chris@...> wrote:

Tuesday Morning I had an Adrenal Crisis and had to be picked up and taken to Emergency  I had to spend 24 hrs there before they let me go home.
My Health is not the best of shape and this is something I have lived with since my Heart attack back in 2007
Any way I am Planning to Reactivate my APE/POTA for the rest of the week  I will be leaving Home at 0300 and Hope to be back on the air after 0600 Thursday 26th
until 0600 Monday 30th  I still plan on being back at New Harmony State Park  GRID:EM68ab
As a side note, Last weekend was terrible for me from my Location at home for PSK31 seems like SW Indiana was nothing but a dead hole, hopefully things will change for the rest of the week

Chris N9JCA PODXS #797 LONP #165

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