N9JCA Chris

Tuesday Morning I had an Adrenal Crisis and had to be picked up and taken to Emergency I had to spend 24 hrs there before they let me go home.
My Health is not the best of shape and this is something I have lived with since my Heart attack back in 2007
Any way I am Planning to Reactivate my APE/POTA for the rest of the week I will be leaving Home at 0300 and Hope to be back on the air after 0600 Thursday 26th
until 0600 Monday 30th I still plan on being back at New Harmony State Park GRID:EM68ab
As a side note, Last weekend was terrible for me from my Location at home for PSK31 seems like SW Indiana was nothing but a dead hole, hopefully things will change for the rest of the week

Chris N9JCA PODXS #797 LONP #165

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