Re: Early CHIMP report for Stan W9SMR

stan W9SMR

Congrats John. Your Atta-Boy is assured. A pleasure to work you. Will try to give you that 12M QSO tomorrow. Lots of folks would love to grab one ☝️

From: <> on behalf of Alan - KA5VZG <ka5vzg@...>
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2021 7:29:54 PM
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Subject: [070Club] Early CHIMP report for Stan W9SMR

Rain and thunderstorms moved this CHIMP onto the back porch. Got 5 chimp QSO's by abt 1600z.
Thanks to
Stan, KC9UR, 10.140MHz, at 1327z.  
Fred, W4PKU, 14.0712MHz, at 1416z
Bil, N4MU, 14.0712MHz, at 1423z
John, KC3FL, 18.0983MHzm at 1521z
and John again, KC3FK, 14.0717MHz, at 1558z

I was using my Yaesu FT-857D, with an LDG Z-100Plus tuner, a Jetstream JTPS28 power supply, a SignaLink USB, any my XYL's old Dell (software updated from Win 7 to 10, and using Fldigi.
The two antennas are a VGE SD-40, 40m short dipole; and a Honolulu Emergency Amateur Radio  Club,  end fed 6-40, which is abt 30' long.  All supported with those military surplus fiberglass pole sections, stuck into a fold-up clothesline base.  No umbrella, no raincoat, no coffee. . .hardcore CHIMP hi hi,   I just ran to the porch with my arms full.

I may get to use Stan and John for the CRAWL attaboy if I can ever find anyone on 12m.

I've managed to work KB3RAN/1 on two bands, but one was before "daze" and the other was not a CHIMP QSO.
I had already whimped out, from the weather, and returned to the shack.

Tomorrow the hunt for 12m.

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