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Jim K5SP

Website has been updated to reflect the three new APE's upcoming.  Added N6MG Huntington Beach State Park.

Jim K5SP

On 8/20/2021 8:31 AM, stan W9SMR wrote:

Update 5 - Planned August PSK31 Expedition (APE) Activations - This Week

* Adding two new APEs. Be on the lookout for APEs this week, starting:

Aug. 20-22    KB3RAN/1  Day & Eve.   20/40 M   West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Lubec, ME

Aug. 20-22    KC9UR      Day & Eve.   6 – 80 M    Trine State Rec. Area, POTA K-4182

Aug. 21        KC0JQO    1600-2300 UTC    20M    Forest City Threshers Show, Forest City, MN

Aug. 24/25   W8VYM/P  TBD  20/40 M   Dames Ferry Campground, Lake Juliette, POTA K-7858

*Aug. 23-26   N9JCA   Day & Eve. 10 – 80 M    Harmonie SP, POTA K-2257, SW IN - EN68 (rare)

*Aug. 21        KG5OIB   1300-1800  40M – 10M?  Fort Richardson SP, Jacksboro, TX   POTA K-3011

*** Please Spot these hardworking APEs on the Reflector as you see and work them. ***

See Planned APE page on the website  Planned APEs - 2021

With 14 APEs announcing their intentions, this is the most APE activations we have had since 2012 when 10 APEs took to the field. Join in the fun!

See the PODXS 070 Webpage for requirements to launch your very own, August PSK Expeditions (APE) APE Requirements

***Activators, please prepare and submit your APE Tall Tales to APE Coordinator:

 Dave, KB3RAN at davehardy0101@...

Note also that you may earn a CHIMP CHASE Atta-Boy by operating portable during the Endorsement Daze #5 Event on August 21-22. See PODXS 070 Webpage notice.


**W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

(** Proud participant with KC9UR in our 9th Annual APE !!)

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