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Jerry N9AVY

Hi Rick !

Have a Force 12  C3  at 40 ft. with (obviously) a rotor turning it.  It does well 99% of time.   Also have a Butternut HF-6V which unfortunately is out of commission with some damage from winds.  There's also an Alpha-Delta DX-A twin sloper, but that's mostly for 40/80 ; used to work on 160m but hasn't for years.

There's also a Cushcraft W3 WARC band rotatable dipole above Force 12 on tower about 5-6 ft. higher.

That's the line up of antenna farm.

jerry  n9avy

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, 04:09:28 PM CDT, Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:

Jerry - Curious about what you are using for a 20m antenna.  Looked on your QRZ page but didn't see anything about your antennas.

We are having one of those Florida lightning storms - plus over 1.5" of rain in about 30 minutes.  Still going on, but at least now the strikes are not simultaneous flash and bang.  That gets scary!  So obviously, I'm QRT and the computer is on battery and WiFi.  Supposed to let up in a few hours.  I might get back on, but it has been a GREAT APE ESCAPE day already!  Thanks to Milt, Wayne, Ron, and Dave (even though he is just on this way to his APE hangout).

Rick - N7WE
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