Re: 6M anyone?

Rick - N7WE

John -  You are most welcome!  Not sure what was going on, but until you switched to the beam I was getting two overlapping traces on this end.  Not a double wide trace of an overdriven signal, but two clean traces overlapping.  I was on a PAR Stressed Moxon that is horiz. polarized, and I assume your vert was vert. polarity.  Don't know if that impacts anything but sig strength.  My other thought is that given how close we are and it being vhf we had two sigs... a ground wave and a reflected ground wave.  I've seen that on 2m FM.  But when you went to the beam, its directivity nulled out the reflected ground wave on receive and the beam width of your TX was narrowed enough to miss whatever was reflecting and thus my receive became a single signal.  Maybe someone who knows more than us will jump in here and give us the answers.  It was fun and there is always something new to learn in radio!  Keeps me keeping on!  TNX & 73
Rick - N7WE
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