VQ9HF APE operation tomorrow

Stephen Melachrinos

I'm currently on a business trip to Diego Garcia, the seventh time I've been here in the past 9 years. Unfortunately, this trip is much more intensive than the previous ones--working six days a week, 10+ hours per day, up at 0500 every day--so finding time to play radio (when I should really be sleeping) is difficult. But I'm going to try and get on the air tomorrow. 

I'll plan on trying between 0800z and 1800z. I will focus mostly on 20m, though I could try others if propagation is better. I probably won't be on for all ten hours straight, but I'll try to call CQ every 15 minutes or so (starting at the top of the hour). I'll also try and post when I'm on the air, and when I take a break for meals.

Station is an FT-857 with the ground-mounted center-loaded vertical that I've used on all my previous APEs and other portable operations. (This is the original AD5X antenna from July 2002 QST.) I'll be operating from my quarters, as I had done on previous trips. In fact, the pictures on the groups.io site under "VQ9HF Trip" are pretty much accurate for this trip also. 


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