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Ron Bosch

Saw your call, but could make out almost nothing else.  The QSB was pretty bad on my end.  I didn't even try to list the trip as an APE because it is the first time I have had the radio up and running on vacation, and I wasn't sure it would work.  Surprise, it works well.  I will be in St Helens OR next week and will be on some then.  I will also try to get back on from here in Waldport tomorrow, although since it's my 38th anniversary, the XYL may nix that, on the other hand being the 38th, she may not care HiHi. 


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Jerry, check the approved APE list. If he is not on it, then he is only operating portable, and not an APE station.

Jim K5SP

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Specifically which rule #  ???   KE4DRF is a PODXS member and he's signing port 7 ,...  soooooo ????

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He's on vacation in OR and had a decent signal into IL.  Guess he disappeared for other activities.   Wonder if this could be an APE ???

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