Re: 366 status

stan W9SMR

Great job, Alan. You are showing great promise.

Now, the Work The World (WTW) looms on your horizon. You currently have 1,600 of the needed 2,246 calls to complete that one.

And although you need 224 "A" callsigns, you only need one more "R" call.

So get crackin' !!

Congrats and enjoy this marvelous hobby we call Ham Radio!!


From: <> on behalf of Alan - KA5VZG <>
Sent: Thursday, August 5, 2021 9:26 PM
Subject: [070Club] 366 status

I found that light at the end of the tunnel, i.e., #366, on 6 Aug 21 at 0057z thanks to
my old friend K4VBM "GA Bob", who was also a decorated veteran from the night shift/early morning battles of the 24/7campaign.

One of my other 24/7 comrades, KK6KMU "CA Bob" has also been a big help with that great signal from southern California.

of course Stan, W9SMR, the club's PR Director, who reminds, advises, promotes , etc. etc. (actually, he goads you into these things without exactly telling you what's all involved, hi hi)

Lots of fun! Now, what to try next?. . . . . .&nbs

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