Bureau QSLs received

Jerry N9AVY

Today a bunch of QSLs came in from W9 ARRL Incoming Bureau where I spent 16 years working my tail off. It was fun, but it had to end because of having to drive miles & miles every month to pick up cards for sorting.  

The few cards which came in this month had a lot of date/time errors. Ops seem to be getting sloppy these days. Most errors seem to be conversion to GMT which is so easy if all logs are kept in GMT/UTC.  Times seem to be ending times rather than start times...  I was taught early on to use  Start time of QSO. Thankfully LoTW allows a 30 minute window each side of time. 

Guess I'm OCD or just a plain old nitpicker ...  Hi ! Hi !

Jerry  N9AVY

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