Merry Christmas !


 Top Ten ways to tell you are sick of the Holidays:
10. Drenched the Carolers with the lawn sprinkler
   9. Telling little kids there is no Santa
   8. Used the Christmas Crib money to buy lottery tickets
   7. Think the Xmastree is plotting against you
   6. Nightmares involving eggnogg
   5. Holiday songs ringing permanently in your ears
   4. Looking for a recipe for rendeer pot pie
   3. Contemplating elf kidnapping
    2. One more Christmas TV-special will send you over the edge
 And the #1 way to tell you are sick of the holidays is:
Making citizens  arrest of street Santas!
Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
                                            2002 !
See you on the bands!

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