Re: MixW 3.1 HELP ????


Hi Jim,

Yes I know, there are a lot of HAM's that use MixW3.

Have you visit my webpage at: 
Click on MixW3 and you will find some usefull info about MixW3.

About MixW4:
I'm Beta tester of MixW4 and at the moment with the version that are on  to download in the 32 or 64 bits version is workable.

I also wrote a English and Dutch manual from about 130 pages each of MixW4.
The biggest problem I think is the layout for many HAM's but I have saved some layout's for 1 and 2 screens and I can always send those layouts
or upload to the files here.

It's only a learn process I think, but at the moment they are rework the logbook of MixW4.

Hope you have time to visit my website.

Best 73 de Pat, ON2AD (OS2AD now with special callsign till 22 Dec 2021)

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