Re: HRD-DM780 Member and LONP Member Alarm Uploads

Rick - N7WE

Paula -
The alarms are in 070 # ascending order.  I guess it was originally set up that way because it was linked to and derived from the membership list.  It used to automatically update. But the order is still handy as you can just add new members at the end of the list as they occur.  It is an XLM file and beyond my capabilities to sort the order of the list.  Maybe someone else can. 

But you are right, too few on the waterfall makes it hard to find a known member.  I did see Jerry N9AVY last night and he didn't trigger the alarm on the Win 10 machine.  Thank goodness the old Win 7 computer is still semi-functional and the new alarm def file worked FB on it.  Jerry popped up with a green background (LONP member). 

Not sure what is going on with my setup, but I'm sure it relates to my SuperSweeper crashing DM780 when I click on a call.  

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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