Re: Stickers !!!

Jerry N9AVY

Aha !!!    That explains the mystery.  I've errant mailing before; so I understand the method.  Good idea !

Thanks for explanation, Jim !


On Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 02:22:39 PM CDT, Jim K5SP <jinnis@...> wrote:

We use my address as the return address so all undeliverable items come to me for investigation of address.

If the postmark was Calif, that means it was actually mailed by Bob, KK6KMU; if postmark was Mississippi, was mailed by Jeff W3WMU.

Jim K5SP 

On Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 12:47 PM, Jerry N9AVY
<n9avy@...> wrote:
Yay , got an envelope of stickers today at P.O. Box !!!  Many thanks to Jim and crew !!!

Envelope had Jim's return address in TX, but postmark was for San Diego, CA  23 JUL 2021...   no wonder the USPS is losing money TX to CA to IL ??? Guess they never learned how to read maps. EmojiEmoji

73,  Jerry  n9avy

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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