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Sorry, but there is no PSK band plan per se. Yes, there are some frequencies that were commonly used by PSK operators, but this is not official.

According to the ARRL Band Plan,  RTTY and other data modes )  share the frequency allocation from 18.100 to 18.105. Packet modes (which are rare these days) are assigned 18.105 - 18.110. There is nothing official about this band plan. It is only a suggestion. 

The entire 17 meter band, as with other WARC bands, is quite narrow, ranging only from 18.068-18.168. All data modes are supposed to share the narrow segment of frequency space between 18.100 - 18.105. That includes RTTY, PSK, FT4, FT8, Olivia, MFSK. 

According to the FCC band rules   CW and Data modes can be operated on the 17 meter band anywhere between 18.068 - 18.110 and phone and image modes can be operated between 18.110 and 18.168.

There are certain frequencies on which specific data modes have generally been used. These frequencies fall into the RTTY/Data allocation of the ARRL Band Plan. However, with the popularity of FT8 and the lack of PSK signals on many bands, PSK signals have been squeezed out especially on the narrow WARC bands. Although operating PSK at 18.097 - 18.100 is slightly below the ARRL Band plan, according to FCC rules, it is perfectly legal to do so. 


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According to the PSK Band plan, 18.100 to 18.105 is meant for PSK on 17m and that is what I was trying to stay within.  18.097.5 is slated for ARRL CW.  To be honest, I haven't heard any PSK on 17m or 24m.  With FT8 consuming the digital bandwidth on many of our PSK frequencies (I've even heard FT8 on 14.070), I hope we can reclaim some of our traditional frequencies with band conditions improve.

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