Re: Solar Flux is UP

Ray Clements

If you check the common FT8 frequencies, you will see that most of the bands are open, even 10m and 12m. However, the few PSK signals that you might find are primarily on 20m 14.070.

I just made PSK contact with W4PKU in VA. I am in 9-land near Chicago.

There are a few others on frequency as well, but I have to get ready to take my wife out for a pizza, so I am QRT for now.


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Day before yesterday, I had a solid 599 copy from an F5 station.   First France I have heard in many, many moons here in the vast RF wasteland of North Texas.

Maybe things are looking up.

Bob, worked K4VBM for his 365 yesterday, said he was looking for you but neither one of us ever saw you. 

Jim K5SP

On 7/23/2021 10:28 AM, Bob Motyl KK6KMU wrote:
Thanks to the heads up Milt.


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