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This is great info! Exactly the experience I'm looking for.
So, if I'm understanding this correctly, you removed the whip, and attached your long wire to the top of the coil, not clipped to the top of the whip?
I've also installed a quick coupler to the bottom of the whip, and I'm also using a TuneMatic Lite. What a trick little box!
I used my CA-500 analyzer for initial tuning, then from the IC-7300 on low power in AM mode for final tuning prior to memorizing into the controller.
You mentioned 3.580. I've successfully tuned it there, but what a narrow bandwidth! Like one click up or down on the controller made for drastic moves on the analyzer.
I've added a 2nd battery to my car and have it connected via a "battery isolator". 
It's a 100 amp/hr deep cycle RV battery and I'm hoping it works per my expectations. 
I've hardly ever been disappointed before...Hi Hi...
Thanks again for your input.
APE bound in a few more weeks.
I'll be using N6MG as well as W6QP, 070-1454, intermittently.  
LONP #76

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Milt, I'm using the Baby Tarheel II on a HUGE three magnet magmount.  On top of the Tarheel I've got a quick release whip mount, and I have the mate to the mount on the end of several different whip options.  I'm using a Tunematic Lite controller.

As an NVIS experiment I tried a long wire (I don't recall length) mounted directly to the top of the Tarheel and then stretched out horizontally perhaps 100 feet, adjusting the Tarheel to tune it.  I used an antenna analyzer to get it tuned, and it worked just fine, tuning to perhaps 1:1.2.  It wasn't as good on 80m as my 135' OCFD up at 35 feet but I didn't really expect that.  The problem I was trying to get around was that with the radio I was using at the time trying to work psk31 on 3.580MHz the RFI would drive my cheap laptop into a catatonic state, and getting the radiator a little bit away from directly over my head seemed like a good move.

One of the nice things about the Buddipole whips is that they are collapsible, so you don't end up with a long long whip you have to cart around or worry about low bridging.

-p W7PFB
73, Don't forget to smile and have fun!

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