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I'm pretty sure we can do 40m and 80 meters almost at will.
You have my cell #, so just text me if the need arises.
LONP #76 

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Thank you for all those who are supporting my goal for the 365 endorsement.  I am currently below 60 days left. I will continue to be on 20 meters just before and just after 0000 UTC.  Anyone interested checking off a few days on your quest to the 365 endorsement, please join some of the regulars.  John KC3FL is helping even though he has endorsement.  Thanks again John.  Saw Alan KA5VZG and Bob K4VBM tonight who also needed the 10th of July.  I will try and be on even if I don't need the date.

Thank you to all the volunteers.  This is a great group.


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