Mid Year Sticker Mailing

Jim K5SP

Have started processing the mid year sticker mailings.  We have a total of 738 stickers being mailed to 195 different members, so that will take some time to process.

I will print the stickers, address labels, and other items soon.  Then I will accumulate them, sort them, and split them up between our two mailing experts.  I will mail them all the materials, they will do the envelope stuffing, affixing return address labels, affixing address labels, sticking proper postage on, and perform the actual mailings.  This will take time, and I ask you to be patient with us.

I have already mailed out the May-June new member packets.  If you joined in May or June and got yours let me know, also let me know if you did not get yours.

I also just got back from a brief vacation, and have some logs to check for additional LONP points, I think we have one new member but will know for sure in couple of days.

Sorry to have missed the Firecracker this year, but family came first.


Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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