Re: Firecracker - Win 10 - PSK software ?

Bob Motyl KK6KMU

It was over a year ago I built an new desktop computer for myself.  I decided to move up to windows 10.  I was reluctant to upgrade myself but have no issues with it.  Yes the interface is different and things are in different places but works for me.  I started with WInWarbler and liked it.  The whole DX labs suite is really good.  I use Spotter, View and Keeper daily.

I changed to FLDIGI because I really think it is a more robust piece software than WinWarbler.  My opinion.  I was using a FLDIGI to DXLabs software bridge and everything was just the way I wanted it.  When I upgrade to Win 10 the bridge no longer worked and the author of the bridge has not yet rewritten the bridge.  I really like the like the DX Labs suite because it works really well with JS8CALL and the WSJT software.  For now I'm logging with FLDIGI and exporting to DXKeeper.  I use N1MM+ Logger for most contest.


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