Re: Firecracker - Win 10 - PSK software ?

Steve WB3LGC


yes...  I turn OFF anything I can on W10.  I "seem" to remember a shutoff for "report to Microsoft", I'll look but I don't remember (maybe when it came up). 

I DO like Mint...  It DOES updates, often (when I want).  Only a few ever require a re-boot.  (btw, I tell W10 NOT to update for the next 30 days).  Mint, runs as fast as it did two years ago.

YES, what is needed is a stripped W10 OS and like basic Linux, only load the applications if needed.  All the "fuzzy" stuff, off.  (the NEW PC makers won't like it as an OLD computer will run fast longer...)

steve WB3LGC

On 7/4/21 6:44 PM, Jeff Steinkamp wrote:

Win XP and Win7 are deprecated Operating System and here pretty soon you will not be able to access much with either because most Websites will not let you in if you are using either of those systems.  It is very easy for a website to not only check which browser you are using, but also the operating system.

Win10 is actually a good Robust system.  As for sending Data to MS, you can disable that in the OS configuration.

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