Re: Firecracker - Win 10 - PSK software ?

Steve WB3LGC


your note about W10 playing nice... 

My shack computer is using a W10 OS(6 months new) and have been trying a few different PSK/logging programs.  For Firecracker, I used WinWabler and suite.  I have used Fldigi, but I like the ability to use F keys on the keyboard.  I spent a hour or so trying N1MM+, too.  I need to spend more time with it...

What are "you all" using?

Mostly, I have used Fldigi with a Raspberry Pi and VNC'd to the RPi from my laptop using a very nice comfortable "Easy Boy"...

I have "told" W10, don't sent "reports" to Microsoft.  I have not added virus checkers (using "stock").  I use an external USB sound card and as long as I don't run YouTube while PSK'ing, I am OK.  I did have to go and re-set the audio "pointers" at the beginning...

I would like to see N1MM+, N3FJP's software, and DXLab (WinWarbler) for Linux.  I am very happy I removed W10 from my laptop and added Linux Mint (2+ years ago) and I did get a family discount on W10 for the shack computer.  For the most part, LoTW is my LOG, I upload and forget...  I do "try" to rename .adi files and keep them.

Anyway, Firecracker logs are uploaded to LoTW and contest web.  I only got to work about 3 hours consecutively.  Better planning as I needed to get up early for Church - did - didn't even park - went elsewhere, later (don't ask).

73, steve WB3LGC 

On 7/4/21 5:00 PM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
Superior Dick!  Put me down for DM85, DM87 and DM53.  Sure you have to wait until October? - hi hi!  On second thought, wait until October.  Maybe by then I'll have this new Win 10 computer figured out and playing nice with the radio.  Firecracker was a bust with them not cooperating with each other.  Gave up after only making 4 Qs and a gazillion "sending report to Microsoft" messages.  Best to safe...Happy 4th!
Rick - N7WE
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