IC7300 UFH Coverage??

Richard Rohrer

I know some of the members have IC7300 and I am curious as to which UHF bands they cover??  Since my IC7410 took a lightning hit I have been looking at new radios if the insurance money comes thru.  One of the major industrial supply companies has then on their website as UHF base radios at the heft price of $2,500.  This confused me, since I thought they were HF/50 radios.  Are these some kind of super IC7300 since they are also about twice the going price, hi hi.  I also so one for same used as a rare Icom radio for $1500 must be better than the new ones from the ham vendors to cost more. 

Just a little humor on rig prices. 
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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