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Stephen Melachrinos

JoAnn -

That's one of the fundamental problems. 

Our current database is based on a set of GoogleSheet files--it's not a conventional relational database. It was built using free Google tools and was limited by what was available at the time. Now that Google has deprecated the old API, and because we don't have access to the original source code (to even determine if fixes were possible), we're crippled. 

I'm sorry to disappoint you with this. I'm not a database architect (or even a software expert), so I only understand what you are saying at a top level. But I do know enough to say that although your examples may work for SQL-based database, they don't work on the flat files of GoogleSheets, at least not the way they are implemented now.

All of this code was written within the past ten years, so criticizing us as not being in the 21st century is a bit unfair. It's unfortunate that the GoogleSheets implementation was chosen, but we had a member a few years ago that coded this up for us, using 21st century tools from Google. At the time, we didn't have any other options, and we had not idea that Google would deprecate the very functions we were using.

As Steve FLF said, if this is something where you have skills to contribute, you could offer to help our volunteer software team. Let us know.

And if you have any other questions, I'd be glad to engage is an email dialogue with you. That may be better to do offline, as we'd probably digress into deeper topics than most of the members are interested in. Feel free to email me directly at w3hf@....


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I don't know what kind of Database the 070 Club uses but almost every database I have used, you can upload one record or thousands and it will not affect any of the records already stored. As for doing corrections, it is a simple SQL script that will cause the record in question to be over written with the new record. Also uploading already existing records can either cause all the existing records to be over written or duplicate records to be installed. To display a persons awards, again it is a simple script that will go thru the database, find that persons entries and display them to the screen. Also by using a person's callsign as the key field, the database can hold everyone that uploads to it. With the key field being the persons callsign allows the Sql script to see only those records that relate to the user. So there is no reason to upload ones entire log. Seems to me that the 070 really needs to be brought into the 21th Century.


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