Re: 070 Award Checker log errors

Jerry N9AVY

Oh no !!!  Never ask me to correct errors in the checker, that would be a huge mistake  because when it comes to computers I have the RMT  (Reverse Midas Touch)  Emoji !

Speaking of Grids,  I was unhappy that after working 200 stations on FD not one measly new grid was found.  Ugh ! Although K0GNE the Nebraska group which is headquartered in South Dakota announced that their FD was held in SD, but I never asked for a grid  Emoji !  Ya win some and ya lose some !

Guess I'll have to stick to working grids the usual ways.  So many grids and so few stations there on PSK !

But FD was like the good ol' days with lotsa stations on PSK !

Jerry n9avy

On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 03:20:05 PM CDT, John - KC3FL via <kc3fl@...> wrote:

It's good that the checker requires you to upload the whole log every time.  If you uploaded the wrong info like a wrong grid by accident and then discovered  your error,

later, all you have to do is upload again and it's fixed.  If it didn't do that there would probably have to be some kind of manual fix and that would probably require Jerry to manually fix it.
As far as how long it takes the checker to process a log, I just uploaded 15237 contacts and it took 69 seconds after my call went to the top of the list to finish.


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