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Geary McDowell

I had the antennas disconnected as we have been having daily thunderstorms, by the time I reconnected the waterfall was blank.  I called a couple of times and Charles, WA5AMM, came back to me.  So, whew, I got the 29th.  Gotta get the 30th as soon as I can, I have cataract stuff after lunch tomorrow.  HI HI  Then four days in July!!!
Thanks everyone, I'm having fun again. 73, Geary KE5IRK, in southwest Oklahoma.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 12:11 PM Geary McDowell via <> wrote:
I had to wrap up Field Day early and get on the road to a family member's funeral on Monday, and today seems like Monday instead of Tuesday and had I not been needing the date on something I would have totally missed today.  So, I'm trying to find someone on 20M to get one of my last needed contacts for the 366 endorsement.
I'll be calling CQ 366 de KE5IRK if you see me.
I will check other bands at times too just in case that is the "conditions" are working today.  HI HI
73, Geary KE5IRK just after noon on the 29th CDST.

On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 10:23 PM stan W9SMR <robinstan@...> wrote:

It is great to see enthusiasm mounting to grab that 365/366 Endorsement. The new 365 Chat that KB3RAN set up should be a big help in coordinating. It has certainly helped him as he now needs only August 23 to complete his 366 Award level.


We have an URGENT need to finish off these June need dates:



A helpful hint from KA5VZG is to check each day around 2345Z and hang around until after 0000Z to see if you can pick up two days. Be sure to call CQ 365 to make your needs known.


In the table below I have shown July and August need dates for those members needing fewer than 61 days total. These are the folks really getting close. Be sure to look for them. Use the 365 Chat to announce your own needs and hopefully you will punch through and grab those needed dates.

I will publish this table periodically as the time approaches. Best of luck and good Propagation to boot! Please verify your own need dates as I may have missed some.


To see what dates you need, upload your full log and check the "Online Endorsement Checker". In the "In Progress" section, click on "Target" for the 360 category and a list of needed dates will show. If you have a problem seeing that, please just let me know.


Even if you have worked a fellow member before, please answer that CQ 365 call. Let’s make 366 happen for as many as we can.


For the 365 Chat, follow this link: 365 Chat




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When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

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