Re: 070 Award Checker log errors

JoAnn Donaldson

I don't quite understand what your talking about. I think your saying that even if I have uploaded a file before, which I did to get my 070 Number that I have to reload those files plus the PSK files from Field Day? Does this mean I have to have a separate Log just for PSK contacts. Then after the contest, upload the entire log again,even if I have already gotten credit for the previous upload? This log can get time consuming and the ADIF will get very huge after a while. I would think that after a while that it would take forever for the 070 Log checker to process a single file.


On Monday, June 28, 2021, 7:59:04 PM CDT, ShawnP <gulfxray@...> wrote:

Thanks Steve for taking time to explain all that - it makes perfect sense.

To be honest I am leaning towards the 'whole log (PSK31)' method; I appreciate there may be special situations like the Alaska endorsement.  Tracking some of those endorsements on my end would get tedious and definitely prone to error(s).

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