070 Award Checker log errors


Good Afternoon/Evening!

I tried to find answers, but I was probably searching with the wrong keywords.

As new guy, I immediately uploaded my scrawny log file (from FLDIGI) and noticed there were 7 records with DXCC errors (None of the 65 records in my logfile had the DXCC field defined/populated).  As an old IT guy, errors bother me... a lot :)

  1. How do I correct those errors?  Create new ADI file and re-upload (see #2 below) and what does that do the processing & existing database records?
  2. Should I be extracting/uploading my log from N3FJP (I use QRZ to populate missing grid data)?  I believe the answer is yes based on fields required for awards.
  3. Going forward, do I upload a complete log each time or incremental since last upload?

Want to get off to relative good start and not create extra load on the server.

Thank you for your help and patience

KI5GX 070 #2855

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