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Jim K5SP

Need to amend this, the stickers will not be in the next mailing.   Cutoff date for the next mailing is 30 June.  

Stickers will be made in the mailing with cutoff of 31 Dec, sometime in January.

Jim K5SP

On 6/28/2021 10:20 AM, Rick - N7WE wrote:
There seems to be some confusion over how to submit for the 070 Field Day Stickers.  First, 070 is separate from your ARRL upload.  Second, simply uploading your log to the 070 Progress Checker is insufficient.  From Stan's (our PR Director) earlier post, here's how to report you participation for the 070 Stickers.

Since our Awards Progress Checker has no means to check your log for Field Day participation, in order to receive your Endorsement Sticker it will be necessary for you to send an email directly to me robinstan (at) Hotmail (dot) com by Sunday, July 11.  
Please use 2021 Field Day in the subject line.  Send me the email even if you have already uploaded your FD log and posted on the Reflector that you participated! 

The body of your email needs only your Call and Member number.  Please DO NOT send or attach your log.  This is on the Honor System.  If you say you participated, you participated! - even if you were in a support role (setup/tear-down, KP duty, etc. and never actual got on air.)  I will forward the complete list to those that take care of Stickers and your Sticker will be included in our next mailing!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

Jim,  K5SP #483
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