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Leland Sly

If you used the N3FJP ARRL Field Day log it does it all for you.  Very easy.



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Jerry and Darl -

ARRL doesn't use your log for scoring (really). It's just a check against your claimed score. And class and section don't really matter because there are no multipliers (for which section might be useful) and no restriction (this year) on D-class working D-class.

So instead of fussing with Cabrillo logs, just submit a dupe sheet. ARRL rules ( say "Cabrillo log or list of stations worked by band/mode (dupe sheet)". So a simple text file list of station/band/mode (one entry per line) should suffice. I think any logger should be able to export a txt file with only those fields. You can even import it into Excel so you can sort by call and band.


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Want to submit log to ARRL, but have never done it for FD before; so my question is where do i put section and the class ????

Looks like maybe extra work...

73,  Jerry  n9avy #454

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