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Jerry N9AVY


You have to have a real great memory to be able to recognize PODXS call signs with over 2800 to memorize !  

Notice a ton of members out there whom I hadn't seen in some time.  Maybe we should rename it the "PODXS 070 Field Day" ??? Hah !

Ran across one station sending his call sign phonetically and clued him in that wasn't done. He seemed to straighten up and fly right after that. 

Lots of stations were overpowered although the ARRL FD rules have categories for under 150 watts and over 150 watts... this should be changed for PSK31 I would think.  Saw a few stations with spurs and some were trying to work the spurs (Spurious radiations). It did not help with all those stations crowded in a small chunk of spectrum.

Ran into problems where I'd ask for repeat and the station would disappear - QSB ?  (I dunno)  Other times I'd get a mix of 2 signals and end up with right station , but wrong data exchange - UGH !  Had to drop quite a few from logs because of that... nutz !

QSB was quite a factor in working stations and many would call never to be heard again. Had a couple problems where I'd be running a frequency for 2-3 hours and working bunches of stations only to suddenly have some interloper try to commandeer the frequency, but I have none of that and have my own way of dealing with those ops. Used to be if someone heard one working a frequency they'd leave you be, but courtesy has disappeared in recent years. 

Had fun and worked a bunch of stations in IA, MI and even worked my old boss (W9RLL) up in Eau Claire, WI ; who is also a PODXS member !  (new LONP)

Haven't seen PSK31 this active in years. Worked mostly 40/20/15m, but never saw anyone on 80m .   Noticed there was a lot of what appeared to be noise as my waterfall background would change color whenever I pointed beam East. 

Hope everyone had fun this weekend ! Be sure to submit Cabrillo file to ARRL  for PODXS !!!

73,  Jerry  n9avy  #454   

On Sunday, June 27, 2021, 03:45:53 PM CDT, Bob Motyl KK6KMU <bobmotyl@...> wrote:

Uploaded to the ARRL site for Field Day and the PODXS 070 appeared in the pull down for club selection. 

I could tell that a few stations had not worked PSK in some time.  A few stations were overmodulating and causing interference.  Overall I had a good time.  20 Meters was pretty crowded most of the time.  Took awhile to find an open spot.

I saw Barry (VA7GEM), Bob (K4VBM), Tom (KD6TR), John (KC3FL) , Alan (KA5VZG), Jerry  (N9AVY), and Jim (K5SP) to name a few.  I'm still working on trying to recognize PODXS call signs.  Not very good at it.


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