Re: Field Day

Jerry N9AVY

Eric :

What happened here, you get kicked out of CA because of TVI ???  Hi hi !!

Worked some NM stations today... "must be something happening over there " !

Jerry  n9avy 

On Saturday, June 26, 2021, 08:18:14 PM CDT, Eric KG6MZS <contact@...> wrote:


48 contacts on SSB here in New Mexico running 10 watts. Mostly on 15m.

No digital station here.  A few bolts of lightning.

73 Eric KG6MZ

On 6/26/21 3:07 PM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
Have seen quite a few 070 members on the air today - way to go PODXS !!!

Have also noticed quite a bit of QSB - UGH !    Give an OP my info and get nothing back.   He moves on before confirming - bad moves.   Have had to strike a lot of stations from the log for that reason.  

Saw zilch (not Z1LCH) on 15/0m although I kept checking.  FD is fun - sometimes.

Jerry   n9avy  #454 

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