Re: IC-7300 with Fldigi - setup for PSK-31

Jerry N9AVY

Not true of my FT-1000MP.   Adjust mic gain until no indication on ALC meter.  

Jerry   n9avy  #454

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, 09:41:03 AM CDT, Mike W4BZM <behrcave@...> wrote:

I repeated see the admonition to adjust the audio until the ALC just start to move, and then adjust it back down to where the ALC doesn’t move at all.  While this method may be appropriate for Icom rigs, Yaesu seems to use a different philosophy for their ALC display.  There is a zone to the the left which displays permissible operation and a zone to the right which should be avoided.  So the procedure is to adjust the audio drive so the ALC indication stays in high side of the left zone .  (See attachment from the FTDX-10 Operating Manual.)  I’ve used this method for years on my FT-991 and am now using it on the FTDX-10, and I consistently get good signal reports.  

Mike W4BZM

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