IC-7300 with Fldigi - setup for PSK-31


Good evening,

I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere in this forum, but I just spent 30 minutes searching, and couldn't find anything.  I apologize if I have missed something right under my nose.   

I picked up my new Icom IC-7300 yesterday, and it's a nice rig.  Took awhile to figure things out, but I am getting close.  I now have it set up for cw, PSK31 and FT8.  Historically, I have used Kenwood rigs, so this is quite different. 

My question.  Does anyone have a comprehensive source for optimizing PSK31 on the IC7300, using Fldigi and Flrig.  Specifically, I am trying to assess the bandwidth of my transmitted signal, and determine how to clean it up if needed. 

Best regards,


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