Trying to wrap up PODX 070 366 endorsement

Geary McDowell

Looks like I only need the following to complete the 366 endorsement for a PSK contact each day of the year, and I got Leap Year day last year!  I will be mostly on 20 meters but might hit other bands if they are good for me here in southwest Oklahoma.  I am not an early riser but might have to try to be for seven days.  HI HI HI
June 24, 29 and 30
July 2, 11, 15, and 18
Thanks in advance if you see my call and respond.
73 Geary McDowell, AKA KE5IRK
Lawton-Fort Sill, Oklahoma in Comanche County of the USA
North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, and the Milky Way although I prefer a Snickers.

When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

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