2021 Field Day Stickers

stan W9SMR

With all the distraction of newer and fancier digital modes, it is important for our PSK-31 community to be seen on the waterfall. As a result of precautions due to COVID-19 the ARRL has created a unique opportunity to make ourselves seen and heard. This provision has been extended through FD 2021.

2021 Field Day will be conducted June 26 / 27, 2021

Be sure to review the:  2021 Field Day Rules

There are
two stickers available. The first is for anyone who participates in Field Day in any way, either individually or as part of a group. The second is for folks who participate on their own (not part of another group) and want to provide some publicity for the 070 club.

  Firstly there is the existing Field Day Participation Sticker

Since our Awards Progress Checker has no means to check your log for Field Day participation, in order to receive your Endorsement Sticker it will be necessary for you to send an email directly to me robinstan (at) Hotmail (dot) com by Sunday, July 11.  

Please use 2021 Field Day in the subject line.  Send me the email even if you have already uploaded your FD log and posted on the Reflector that you participated! 

The body of your email needs only your Call and Member number.  Please DO NOT send or attach your log.  This is on the Honor System.  If you say you participated, you participated! - even if you were in a support role (setup/tear-down, KP duty, etc. and never actual got on air.)  I will forward the complete list to those that take care of Stickers and your Sticker will be included in our next mailing!

Last year we had 36 members participate in FD.

2) Secondly, and extended from last year - The Field Day Club Upload Sticker

As an incentive to participate as a PODXS 070 Member and upload your log to ARRL, we will offer a unique sticker thanking you for doing that. Let’s get our name out there!

Last year 17 members uploaded and we had a 5,198 Score. Let’s beat that this year!

The ARRL has adopted two temporary waivers to the Field Day Rules. These will create a unique opportunity for all PODXS 070 Club members to submit their logs as Club members and the ARRL will publish an aggregate score for the Club. The other waiver allows Class D (Home) stations to work all other stations, including other Class D stations. You do not need to be an ARRL member.

The temporary rule waiver for 2021 allows participants from any Class to optionally include a single club name with their submitted results following Field Day. You may upload using only 1 Club association. So if you are already part of another Field Day group and uploading your log as part of their score, you can’t earn this sticker.

For 2021 Field Day Entry go to:  Field Day Entry - Upload

It is critical that our Club name be EXACTLY THE SAME FOR ALL ENTRIES!

When you upload your Field Day Log, the Club name must be: PODXS 070

That is, all caps, one space, numbers 070

Now that some members have uploaded their logs to ARRL, “PODXS 070” may appear in the drop-down for Club or Group Name. All you have to do is select (click on) it.

So decide if you’ll operate from your comfortable Shack, set up on the patio or drive into the mountains, but DO IT! Then send me a notice that you participated and upload your log to ARRL

The Field Day Club Upload Sticker may not be available next year. Grab it while you can.

You will be eligible for the FD Participation Sticker even if you do not upload to ARRL.

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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