Re: ARRL Monitoring report (ARRL Letter)

Barry VA7GEM


As your close neighbour I feel obliged to speak up.
I am one of those ops who will call CQ for an hour on 6M
and think it is good operating practice.
FT8 is set up to TX for 15sec and RX for 15sec. There is also
a setting for how many minutes (max 99) you wish to continue the cycle.
On 6M an opening can occur for less than a minute and I try to be on
the air when it happens.
I also utilize PSK reporter and look at it after about 10min of CQing to see
if I was heard anywhere. If yes I will continue. If no I will give it a rest for a while.
If someone else is CQing I may just watch him to see if he gets a response.
Bottom line is any activity on 6M is good activity unless the power is up in the splatter zone.
Cheers and hoping to get you in the 6M log soon

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