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Jerry N9AVY


Propagation has a bit to do with not getting answers to "CQ's" .  While you may hear a station 599, he may be hearing another station responding to his "CQ" from the same area you're in.  He may get a mix of both signals plus other signals from different while you hear nothing. Have been in this situation a few times with stations in Europe & U.S. calling and all I could hear was the noise of multiple stations calling, but never a full call sign.

Won't comment on FT8 because I have never operated that mode and have no wish to even try.  From numerous QSOs I've "copied the mail" on the bands , have seen many comments about ops being bored with FT8. 

From chatting with locals it seems like all the CW/SSB on 6m has be replaced by FT8, but haven't operated 6m in a while due to antenna problems. 

But I think the comments about FT8 operators (some) being rude is likely accurate. Many of today's operators have never had to send CW because they are more computer oriented and prefer modes like FT8.

Propagation is strange at times especially on 10m.   Over the years I have worked aurora which is weird because everyone sounds like they're underwater.  Other times I've worked stations in nearby states that were not normally heard here in IL. There is another phenomena called backscatter on 10m where you point your yagi (never tried it with a vertical or dipole) aimed to SE or SW and you suddenly hear stations you could hear before turning antenna.  So, sometimes propagation is just weird, but it does play a part in one being heard.

Jerry  n9avy #454

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, 09:14:34 PM CDT, K7DWI Art <k7dwicn82@...> wrote:

Hey Jerry and Steve,
On 6 Meters when I lived in central Arizona, there were 3 Hams that ran a Kilowatt (one 1500) and 3 more running 500 watts all "Line of Sight".
When FT8 exploded, I though I was going to go "Postal".🤬
The problem with 6 Meters is line of sight. No signal with weaken.
10 Meters has similar characteristics. Not as bad as 6 Meters, but close.
Besides strong signals, just like PSK31 on occasions a few operators haven't learned how to control computer audio and their ALC.
A lot of this has to deal with the Automatic operation of FT8, where with PSK31 you are monitoring and looking.
Other that a few overdriven audios, I have no complaints with PSK31 other than CQ's that don't respond to my return. Common at my new QTH.
In the last few minutes I saw a local here on 6 Meters FT8 CQ's get an answer, he never got a Roger and signal report back. He continued to send his signal report in its 15 second sequence for 5 minutes.
Another local on 10 Meters sending CQ showed about 7 images on the waterfall each time transmitted. On his non transmit sequences there  was a VE6 working a string of calls.
I worked him on the 3rd call after he finished working another. When completed, he was still calling CQ. He finally called the VE6 and by then he was gone (VE6).

Again, I think the attitude and skill level has gone to Hell in a Handbasket.
Hoping to play in the Firecracker.

73 Art K7DWI #2518

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