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Stephen Melachrinos

Art -

Question: how do you know if a band is open if you don't see/hear any signals? Someone has to call CQ! If no one makes their presence known by calling CQ, then no one can respond (to a CQ), and there will be no QSOs for anyone to tail-end!

You didn't say if the band was crowded, but I highly doubt that on 6m unless it's a contest weekend or there's extraordinary propagation. And in those cases, "running a frequency" is considered an appropriate usage. And especially on 6m and 10m, where propagation changes minute to minute so you want to keep a signal on the air to catch those changes. (I saw that on 10m two weeks ago during the TDW--signals went up and down in the time it took to make a single QSO.)

If the band isn't crowded, then I don't consider someone calling CQ for a long time to be rude. Maybe it's fruitless, or a waste of time, or a waste of electrons. He's probably just looking for band openings that come and go. But if he isn't QRMing someone then it isn't rude in my book.

Just another opinion...


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I hate to say this, but some of the rudest, dumbest and useless FT8 operators I have experienced here in Southern Oregon hold an Extra Class license.
Each week I am amazed how long these guys just call CQ.
On 6 Meters the record is one and a half hours, on 10 Meters an hour and 20 minutes.
I rarely call CQ. I was told you answer CQs or tail-end existing QSO's  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pretty much have done that since 1979. I don't have 300 DXCC to my credit, but very few enemies in this hobby.
I will call when the band is open and no one's home, or a couple of short ones to see is the band it open.
I spend more time listening.
No doubt courtesy has been long gone.
73 Art K7DWI #2518

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