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Jerry N9AVY

Dick:   Years ago had a Kenwood TS-850SAT which had a dead receiver. Sent it out for repair and was surprised to find it went dead because there was a choke on receiver input that opened up.  Maybe your rig has a similar choke in series with antenna input ???

Worth looking into.

Jerry   n9avy

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, 03:07:04 PM CDT, Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...> wrote:

Well the cable company finally got the internet going again.  The lightning protection at the entrance to the house worked and fused to ground to allow a path for the lightning.  When that was replaced we are now back working.  To answer your question Barry, we were home and both on the computer.  The flash and sound we simultaneous, Kathy came running into the radio room very scared.  We talked to our next door neighbors and they had seen the strike from their back porch.  I feel lucky that there was no fire, since there is 10 ga of gas and the lawn tractor in the shed, it would have been a nice explosion I guess. 

I managed to fix on the dead computers and one of the TV's, but the IC7410 shows no sign of any damage except that it is deaf.  So I guess depending on what the insurance company will pay for it will either be repaired or sold for parts. 

To answer your question Jerry, I have a metal entry panel that all of the coaxes go thru and it is grounded to its own ground rod.  I disconnect all antennas when not in use also.  I guess I might have to do it for the rotor and remote antenna tuner also. 

I hope the insurance co will be nice, since they increased our home owners premium by 50% this year and told us we need to replace our 21 year old roof or they will cancel our policy.  That is the nice thing about insurance,  they like taking the money in but don't seem to want to pay it out.  

Dick - KC3EF

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